Instance CI/CD Variables

GCasC allows configuring CI/CD Instance Variables. Instance variables are useful for no longer needing to manually enter the same credentials repeatedly for all your projects. Instance-level variables are available to all projects and groups on the instance.



Instance variables configuration starts with a root key instance_variables. Then you can either define

  1. simple key-value property, where key is a name of variable and value is its value.

  2. complex property to provide additional variables configuration. Property key is a name of variables

Key must be one line, using only letters, numbers, or _ (underscore), with no spaces.

Property Description Default
instance_variables.<var_key>.value Value of the instance variable
instance_variables.<var_key>.protected If true, the variable is only available in pipelines that run on protected branches or tags false
instance_variables.<var_key>.masked If true, variable value is masked in jobs' logs. Value to be masked needs to follow these requirements false
instance_variables.<var_key>.variable_type Type of the variable. Needs to be one of env_var, file env_var

Note: You can reference variables in other variables, e.g. you can set MY_VARIABLE: 'the other variable is $OTHER_VARIABLE.


  MY_VARIABLE: 'value of my instance variable'
    value: !env SOME_PASSWORD
    masked: true
    protected: false
    value: |
      long file data
    variable_type: file