Instance Feature Flag

GitLab comes with some functionality configurable using feature flags. Part of the GitLab functionality is turned off, where to enable it you need to use API, cause it does not offer UI for setting up feature flags.


Important! This is authoritative configuration, thus any existing Feature Flags will be removed and replaced with the ones defined in config file. If none are defined in config file, existing Feature Flags will remain untouched.

Features offered by GitLab are not collected in a single documentation page, but they are scattered. Please reference to GitLab documentation for them. Features yaml structure starts with a root key features . It’s structure is defined below:

features: [list]
  - name: [string]
    value: [bool/int]
    feature_group: [string|optional]
    groups: [list(string)|optional]
    projects: [list(string)|optional]
    users: [list(string)|optional]

To configure certain feature for a limited set of:

  • users, by specifying users by their username.

  • groups, by specifying groups by group short name.

  • projects, by specifying groups with format group_name/project_name.

Example of complex features configuration:

  - name: some_percentage_feature
    value: 25
      - user1
      - user2
  - name: some_percentage_feature
    value: 50
      - myuser
      - mygroup
      - mygroup1/myproject
      - mygroup1/myproject2

It will configure some_percentage_feature with value 25 for users user1 and user2, while with value 50 for user myuser, group mygroup and projects mygroup1/myproject, mygroup1/myproject2.